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Gene annotation
Gene models Sb07g002415.1
Functional annotation F-box family protein
UniProt C5YMW1
InterPro IPR001810: F-box domain, cyclin-like
Pfam PF00646: F-box domain
Panther DB
KEGG Orthology
EC number
Ontology GO:0003674: Elemental activities, such as catalysis or binding, describing the actions of a gene product at the molecular level. A given gene product may exhibit one or more molecular functions. [GOC:go_curators]
GO:0005515: Interacting selectively and non-covalently with any protein or protein complex (a complex of two or more proteins that may include other nonprotein molecules). [GOC:go_curators]

TAIR AT3G58900: F-box/RNI-like superfamily protein
RAP-DB (Rice) OS06G0713400: Cyclin-like F-box domain containing protein. (Os06t0713400-01)
MaizeGDB (Corn) GRMZM2G034748 GRMZM2G702889 AC190750.2_FG014
Brachypodium BRADI4G45120 BRADI4G45090
Barley Traes_7BL_B82FBB380 Traes_7DL_A2A1A4386 Traes_7AL_66EE5D052 Traes_7AL_9846B6074 Traes_7DL_4632F86F4 Traes_1BL_00B75394B Traes_7BL_3724179B6
Wheat Potri.016G108200
Populus MLOC_70506

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Rank Gene Score (JSD) Function KEGG pathway
1 Sb07g002415 0.00000 F-box family protein -
2 Sb01g003010 0.07568 sugar transporter family protein -
3 Sb06g001220 0.09132 WRNEXO (WERNER SYNDROME-LIKE EXONUCLEASE); 3\'-5\' exonuclease/ nucleic acid binding / protein binding -
4 Sb06g029410 0.09319 F-box family protein -
5 Sb04g017850 0.09327 high mobility group (HMG1/2) family protein / ARID/BRIGHT DNA-binding domain-containing protein -
6 Sb08g014890 0.09346 cyclin family protein -
7 Sb07g001990 0.10215 adenylate kinase family protein -
8 Sb05g022446 0.10219 F-box family protein -
9 Sb03g007760 0.10219 ABC transporter family protein -
10 Sb08g001060 0.10256 endo/excinuclease amino terminal domain-containing protein -
11 Sb03g041670 0.10295 nitroreductase family protein -
12 Sb04g033640 0.10363 SHOC1 (SHORTAGE IN CHIASMATA 1) -
13 Sb02g029160 0.10388 unknown protein -
14 Sb02g004050 0.10396 EMB175 (EMBRYO DEFECTIVE 175); catalytic -
15 Sb10g030870 0.10451 GAUT3 (Galacturonosyltransferase 3); polygalacturonate 4-alpha-galacturonosyltransferase/ transferase, transferring glycosyl groups Starch and sucrose metabolism Amino sugar and nucleotide sugar metabolism Biosynthesis of secondary metabolites
16 Sb09g022000 0.10477 unknown protein -
17 Sb03g032330 0.10529 -
18 Sb01g046280 0.10536 pentatricopeptide (PPR) repeat-containing protein -
19 Sb01g033230 0.10732 unknown protein -
20 Sb01g003180 0.10733 mitochondrial transcription termination factor family protein / mTERF family protein -

Gene co-expression network
Gene co-expression network
sample Sb07g002415 Sb07g002415 Sb01g003010 Sb01g003010 Sb07g002415--Sb01g003010 Sb06g001220 Sb06g001220 Sb07g002415--Sb06g001220 Sb06g029410 Sb06g029410 Sb07g002415--Sb06g029410 Sb04g017850 Sb04g017850 Sb07g002415--Sb04g017850 Sb08g014890 Sb08g014890 Sb07g002415--Sb08g014890 Sb07g001990 Sb07g001990 Sb07g002415--Sb07g001990 Sb01g003010--Sb06g001220 Sb08g001060 Sb08g001060 Sb01g003010--Sb08g001060 Sb01g033230 Sb01g033230 Sb01g003010--Sb01g033230 Sb02g022990 Sb02g022990 Sb01g003010--Sb02g022990 Sb02g029160 Sb02g029160 Sb01g003010--Sb02g029160 Sb06g001220--Sb07g001990 Sb06g001220--Sb02g029160 Sb01g003180 Sb01g003180 Sb06g001220--Sb01g003180 Sb10g030870 Sb10g030870 Sb06g001220--Sb10g030870 Sb06g019420 Sb06g019420 Sb06g001220--Sb06g019420 Sb01g016430 Sb01g016430 Sb06g001220--Sb01g016430 Sb06g029410--Sb06g001220 Sb06g029410--Sb04g017850 Sb07g002760 Sb07g002760 Sb06g029410--Sb07g002760 Sb05g022446 Sb05g022446 Sb06g029410--Sb05g022446 Sb04g000800 Sb04g000800 Sb06g029410--Sb04g000800 Sb04g035010 Sb04g035010 Sb06g029410--Sb04g035010 Sb04g017850--Sb08g014890 Sb04g017850--Sb07g002760 Sb03g043810 Sb03g043810 Sb04g017850--Sb03g043810 Sb03g041670 Sb03g041670 Sb04g017850--Sb03g041670 Sb09g017250 Sb09g017250 Sb04g017850--Sb09g017250 Sb08g014890--Sb03g041670 Sb07g011860 Sb07g011860 Sb08g014890--Sb07g011860 Sb03g010160 Sb03g010160 Sb08g014890--Sb03g010160 Sb10g012240 Sb10g012240 Sb08g014890--Sb10g012240 Sb01g004830 Sb01g004830 Sb08g014890--Sb01g004830 Sb02g032380 Sb02g032380 Sb08g014890--Sb02g032380 Sb07g001990--Sb02g029160 Sb07g001990--Sb10g030870 Sb07g001990--Sb06g019420 Sb01g030230 Sb01g030230 Sb07g001990--Sb01g030230 Sb09g019520 Sb09g019520 Sb07g001990--Sb09g019520
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